Explore a hidden dimension beneath the skin and experience tattooing like never before.

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Explore a hidden dimension beneath the skin and experience tattooing like never before.

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Pre-Made Design Library

Access the amazing pre-made design library and choose from a selection of custom tattoo designs that are ready-to-go.

100% Unique Artwork

Stunning and meaningful visual artwork that tells your story like never before. No two designs are the same! Each project is custom tailored to your individual needs and tells your own story.

Enhanced Design Service

Top-notch design services ensure that you know exactly what your tattoo will look like before it becomes permanent, giving you complete confidence in your decision. With our innovate approach, you can express yourself in a bold and captivating way that truly sets you apart from the crowd. 

With the Enhanced Design Service, you can relax knowing that everything is under control. We'll provide a series of thumbnail sketches, drafts and revisions, so you can be confident that all the details of your tattoo are just the way you want them.

More Than Just A Tattoo

From dark art and demonic, to space and alien, Oliver strive's to bring originality and imagination to all projects. With his 3D techniques you're sure to get something unique and bold that will have people talking. Special shading techniques and multiple layers of dimensionality will bring your vision will come to life!

Expertly Designed

100% Unique Artwork

Creative & Imaginative

Nice to meet you!

I'm Oliver, a passionate tattoo artist with 10 years of experience. I have a deep love for 3D tattoos and specialize in creating visual illusions on the skin. My unique style merges art and design with the incredible human canvas, resulting in an experience unlike anything you've seen before.

Tattooing is no doubt the most difficult task I've ever encountered, yet through its hardships and struggles, I have grown to cherish it from deep within. These intense challenges have enabled me to realize the power of tattooing, and to assist others more genuinely in their own personal expression.

As a business owner, it's important for me to offer a something truly special for those seeking custom artwork and symbolism in their tattoos. I'm here to help bring your inner world to life with artwork that's full of thought emotion.

In my private studio I provide a safe, comfortable and creative environment where you're empowered to explore your inner self through this amazing form of expression.

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More Than Just Tattooing

I identify as an artist first and foremost, with tattooing as a secondary focus. I believe that my artistic canvas extends beyond the limitations of skin, encompassing various avenues within the creative realm. I constantly seek to expand my creative horizons and actively engage in seminars, certification courses, and workshops to explore diverse art styles and techniques. My objective is to continuously evolve as an artist and infuse my work with innovative perspectives.



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