The Artists Room: Rediscover The Joy Of Tattooing and Build A Lucrative Career Along The Way

Don't let burnout or business stress hold you back from living a fulfilling, prosperous, and creative life. Join a community of artists who share your passion for personal development and growth in an environment that fosters positivity, acceptance, and creativity.

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Are you...

  • Feeling unmotivated and uninspired, with a lack of creative energy and enthusiasm for work?
  • Struggling to achieve goals due to procrastination, distraction, or a sense of overwhelm?
  • Experiencing physical and mental burnout, like fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and depression?
  • Having trouble relaxing because you just can't turn your mind off? 
  • Experiencing strained relationships because you are always stressed and tired?
  • Stuck in a career rut, feeling unfulfilled and wanting to break free from the daily grind?
  • Producing low quality work that doesn't meet your own expectations?
  • Struggling with bad habits that you just can't seem to break?
  • Wishing you could just make more money and forget the stress?
  • Feeling tempted to quit and daydreaming about a more stable career?
  • Overwhelmed by the needs of running a business when you just want to be an artist?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time for a change.

Meet your host!

Oliver Wassef

As a tattoo artist and creative business owner, I know firsthand the challenges of the tattoo industry. I've faced many moments of wanting to give up and find a more stable, less stressful job. I've battled addictions, depression, anxiety, and various other life struggles—just like you probably have too. This industry is hard! Selling your creative energy, dealing with clients, creative block, feeling burnt out but still needing to make can take a real toll on your mental and emotional well-being.

But I'm here to tell you that there are solutions. You don't have to suffer in silence or quit pursuing your carreer as an artist because of these challenges. Through my own personal journey, I've discovered the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how it can help gain victory over these challenges.

Our emotional well-being forms the basis for money, success, freedom, and health. Emotions are the very essence of our creative power as artists, and not just in the realm of artwork. I'm referring to the creation of wealth, business, high-value clients, and a fulfilling life. After all, life is the ultimate manifestation of our creative energy.

I am now proud to say that I love my life. I am working with amazing clients and I feel connected to my artwork and tattoos like never before. My unique style is evolving and clients happily pay me premium prices for my creative services. I have consistent energy levels, I feel great, and want to share this with you too.

This transformation has motivated me to become certified in Clinical EFT and offer valuable tools to fellow tattoo artists facing similar challenges. I have a deep desire to help others in the community, knowing first-hand the struggles we face. While there's no magic fix-all, I've discovered tools that can significantly enhance quality of life. Personally, I credit my transformation to Clinical EFT and the support I received to process past traumas. Witnessing the profound affects of my own personal transformation, I now want to share this gift with you too.

Join me on this mission to empower the creative community, create positive change, and embrace happier, healthier lives!

Emotional Freedom Techniques

A Revolutionary Approach To Personal Transformation

This cutting-edge form of energy psychology blends the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with the insights of modern psychology, offering a powerful tool for achieving success.

The subconscious mind forms the bedrock of success, serving as the driving force behind financial freedom, business decisions and creativity. By harnessing the power of the emotions you can effectively tap into the subconscious mind to identify and address negative emotions, limited beliefs, unwanted thought patterns and reprogram the mind.

Picture a life where stress, anxiety, and self-doubt no longer hold you back. Where your energy levels soar, and you effortlessly attract high-level clients who deeply value your artistic offering. This is the life you deserve, and it's within your reach. 

Research on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been expansive, with over 100 clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals to date. The majority of these studies have been done on Clinical EFT. These studies explore a wide range of issues from anxiety, depression, PTSD, physical pain, stress, and other psychological disorders. These studies consistently demonstrate the safety and efficacy of EFT as a powerful tool for enhancing one's quality of life.

Transform Your Creative Journey Inside The Artists Room

  • Regain your Creative Energy: Explore strategies to reignite your passion and excitement for your craft, ensuring every piece of work is a reflection of your creative spirit.
  • Enhance your Productivity: You'll gain tools and techniques that can help you manage time effectively, tackle procrastination, and achieve your goals.
  • Improve your Well-being: By focusing on self-care and stress management, you can prevent burnout, promoting both mental and physical health.
  • Increase your Income: By addressing the deep-rooted subconscious blocks like your family's financial legacy, hidden financial traumas, and limited beliefs.
  • Break Bad Habits: Using proven methods, we'll identify and break the patterns that have been holding you back.
  • Nurture your Business Skills: Share knowledge and tools to successfully run your creative business without sacrificing your creativity. Strategize on pricing methods, client targeting, branding and more.
  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence: Understand how your emotions can impact your business, and develop the skills to manage them effectively.
  • Expand your Network: Connect with other like-minded tattoo artists who understand the unique challenges you're faced with.
  • Rediscover the Joy of Tattooing: At the heart of it all, reconnect with the joy and passion that comes from being an artist. 
Inside The Artists Room

What To Expect

Every month, we will explore a different theme within the tattoo industry, exploring how beliefs, emotions, experiences, and traumas relate to this topic. Oliver will take charge of leading the group through an EFT session, addressing specific issues and challenges associated with the theme.

Participants are strongly encouraged to share their personal experiences and insights, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Our sessions will incorporate a mix of discussions, one-on-one "hotseat" moments, and group activities.

This group is in a constant state of evolution, much like any other creative endeavour. It will continue to change and adapt as the needs arise.

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  • (optional) A Discounted 1:1 Intro Session with Oliver: Dive deeper into your personal growth with a discounted one-on-one introductory session with Oliver. This personalized experience will help you identify your subconscious blocks and create a roadmap for success.
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