Proudly Introducing A Five Star Design Process

The Art of Service

Dive into our process and see exactly how we create stunning designs for our clients.

Step 1: Discovery

The journey begins with a consultation where we meet the client and discuss their ideas. We explore the possibility of working together, ensuring that we're perfect match for their project. We only do tattoos that can be done exceptionally well and never take on a project that doesn't match our artistic skills!

Step 2: Package Selection

Once we're aligned on the project, clients are given a variety of pricing options so that you can choose the option that is the best fit for their needs. We offer a series of drafts and revisions, ensuring clients are 100% happy with their designs!

Step 3: Concept Development

Now, it's time for the real fun to begin! Taking the clients' requests into account, an array of design concepts are presented. Through virtual meetings we engage in in-depth discussion, capturing clients feedback and making necessary changes.

We take pride in offering creative options that exceed clients expectations, going beyond the confines of their original vision.

In this example the client requested a sleeve of biomech-skin rips with abstract pattern underneath

Step 4: Refinement

When finalizing up the design, a digital rendering is created on pictures of the client or on a 3D model. This provides clients with a visual representation of how the tattoo will actually look on them. It's a pretty cool feature, right?

Step 5: Delivery

After extensive design research and revision, ensuring the project is just right and every aspect is well-prepared for the permanent masterpiece, we will embark on the journey of tattooing.

Sessions are long but laid-back, providing clients with an enjoyable experience of tattoo therapy. It's a rare opportunity to unwind, let go of responsibilities, and simply relax.

The following project took about 8 full sessions to complete.

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